Guest blog from Whitney Stewart

Fingernail dirt, scabby knuckles, and laundry are the usual rewards for my writing research. But, nobody else knows the vibrations I feel when a flock of crows dive-bombs my head, forcing me onto the right road when I’m lost. Or, when a kind guard unlocks the shuttered museum I’ve traveled thousands of miles to see. […]

Fall Picture Book Round-Up

Thanks to Kathryn for letting us know about a few new pieces on PUMPKIN TIME! Deseret News NewsOK: Picture Books Celebrate Fall and Halloween

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Carmen Oliver, author and founder of The Booking Biz, has created the best PUMPKIN TIME! TEACHER APPRECIATION GIFT! Check-it-out! And anyone who can’t make it to the book signings coming up or order a signed copy, please email me and I’ll send you a signed bookplate.