One of the greatest compliments I’ve received was when a colleague exclaimed after reading PUMPKIN TIME!, “You’ve written a mindfulness book!” I was so pleased to hear this, because PUMPKIN TIME! is indeed about paying attention…to the moment, to what’s going on around you, to others. For me, too, it is about process (whether that’s the writing process or preparing and cultivating a garden).

I hope you enjoy where Evy & Turkey take you in PUMPKIN TIME!

Evy pulls on her spiffy gardening boots and heads out to the garden with Turkey (in his own spiffy gardening boots) to get … planting! They begin in Spring (planting/growing), move into Summer (maintaining/growing) and then into Autumn (harvest). Through it all, the seasons tumble along, but Evy doesn’t notice; she’s only focused on her garden and the upcoming feast. Her loyal sidekick, Turkey, wearing miniature identical gardening boots, watches in wide-eyed wonder what Evy does NOT see, growing ever-bigger to the point where he takes his place at the head of the table (but not as the main course!). A great feast and a pumpkin surprise is the grand finale where everyone, animals, critters and humans alike, join together in celebrating the garden harvest!

From seed to yummy pumpkin recipes, PUMPKIN TIME! is all year-round with Evy and Turkey. But what is Evy doing? Follow Turkey as he trails Evy throughout the seasons and the garden – and keeps track of the crazy things going on while Evy is in the garden.

Check-out the games page and make sure to send us photos of your garden – and your pumpkins. We like strawberries and zucchini and eggplant and peas and beans and corn and lettuce too– you-name-it! PUMPKIN TIME! is fun time down in the dirt and at the table.

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